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Course Fee:  $ 125.00  (Includes ammunition and all course materials)   

I offer a wide variety of classes such as womens only, husband/wife, or entire family. Private sessions are also available. Classes are limitied to 6 individuals in order to ensure each student gets as much attention as possible.

Classes can be scheduled anytime. Most classes are given on Saturdays, and sometimes will be done in two separate sessions.  The first session is in a classroom setting, and the second is done on the firing range.  Our instructors will take time with each individual to ensure they are comfortable firing a pistol with an emphasis on handling the firearm in a safe manner. 

A variety of pistols will be available for the students to try in order to help with their decision on purchasing a firearm after they receive their carry permit.  While most instructor will offer students a .22 calibur pistol to learn, we will offer students the opportunity to practice with the following firearms:

  • Glock 19 (9mm)
  • Sig Sauer 226 (9mm)
  • Sig Sauer 1911 (.45 Cal)
  • .22 and .38 Revolvers (Single and Double Action)
  • .22 Sig Sauer Semi-Auto Pistol

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