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Whether you are a college student going off to school or a professional leaving work to a deserted parking garage, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and prepared for a potential encounter.  This class will teach you to be more alert as well as provide you with simple self defense techniques and the proper use of SABRE Pepper Spray.  Pepper Spray is carried by everyone from police officers to grandmothers.  A person properly trained to use pepper spray can make a 120-pound housewife, 90 year old grandmother, or 18 year old college student a force to be reckoned with.  A good burst of pepper spray to the eyes is going to be more effective than a punch or kick. 

We at Son Rise believe it is time our citizens raise their odds to survive a potentially lethal encounter with the criminals who are out to hurt them.

This class provides a simple and affordable solution to keeping you and your family safe!
  • Learn basic Risk Reduction Strategies to discourage potential threats.
  • Learn the best self defense techniques to escape an attacker
  • Learn to protect yourself safely and effectively with Pepper Spray
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